Revolutionary SureSmile® System

Revolutionary SureSmile® System

A New Way to Straighten Your Teeth.

SureSmile® System

For our full braces patients, we utilize customized treatment with SureSmile®. Now you can experience shorter treatment time with less discomfort, which our patients love.

What sets SureSmile® Apart?

SureSmile® technology is a global orthodontic industry leader utilizing 3D digital orthodontics to correct misaligned teeth and giving patients a beautiful bright smile.

The SureSmile® orthodontic treatment method utilizes robotic assistance to personalize your archwire, which modifies the pressure exerted by your braces on your teeth.

Conventionally, orthodontists would bend the archwire manually. Once installed, the wire guides your teeth to their precise target positions for exceptional results.

Traditional orthodontic techniques depend on X-rays and plaster casts for designing treatment plans. Our orthodontists create these plans based on 3D low-dose scans and digital dental models.

With SureSmile®, a 3D computer monitoring system captures highly accurate images of your teeth, enabling your orthodontist to map out the most effective sequence of movements.

This enhanced precision reduces the number of required appointments significantly.

The advantages of SureSmile®

SureSmile® patients experience shorter treatment times—up to 34% faster than traditional braces—while also needing fewer orthodontist visits. Although there is no genuine method to speed up tooth movement without risking improper placement or potential damage, SureSmile achieves shorter treatment times through efficiency.

SureSmile® does NOT actually move teeth faster than those treated by traditional brackets and wires. The reason you do not need to wear them as long is that the robotic technology can plan the shortest and most accurate path of tooth movement.

The robots’ capabilities simply exceed those of the human hand. Their accuracy is at 1/10 of a millimeter. Not even the most skilled surgeon could beat that.

The robotic technology plans the shortest and most accurate tooth movement path, surpassing human capabilities (accuracy to 1/10 of a millimeter). This increased precision does not actually move teeth faster than traditional braces; it merely requires less time due to the robot’s capabilities.

Patients treated with SureSmile® often report less pain and discomfort compared to those wearing traditional braces.

As most soreness results from wire adjustments, SureSmile® ‘s fewer adjustments lead to a more comfortable braces experience.

Proper oral hygiene also contributes to increased comfort during treatment.

Although robotic technology enhances tooth movement efficiency, your orthodontist remains actively involved in overseeing your care and making adjustments as necessary. The SureSmile® software assists your orthodontist in evaluating your treatment progress and gaining a comprehensive view of your mouth.

The archwires’ material has been available for some time, but orthodontists couldn’t shape them as precisely due to the high temperature required to bend the alloy.

Robotic hands now enable this level of customization.

The cost of treatment can vary depending on the complexity and unique aspects of your case.

During your consultation, you will receive a customized price estimate tailored to your financial needs.

Our treatment coordinators will also provide information on insurance coverage for your treatment (if applicable) and explain what to expect during your visits to our office.

While most patients are eligible for SureSmile®, it is important to note that no single treatment method is universally ideal.

To determine if SureSmile® ™ is right for you, schedule a consultation at one of our two convenient locations in the Green Bay area.

Our orthodontists will assess your specific treatment goals and individual needs.

The SureSmile® Process

The SureSmile® system consists of three main processes, which may seem straightforward but involve a highly intricate, patient-specific process. This approach enhances the braces experience and rapidly delivers the perfect smile you’ve always desired.